Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hand Signed Greg Noll Skates!!

Check out these skates from element featuring artistic directions from Jed and Greg Noll! Each skateboard is individually signed from 'Da Bull' Himself!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

These are......radical.....

Chauncey's just received a little treat from surf tech. These are the Tom Wegener Alaia models. Very cool, very functional. Come by and check these out, pictures do not do them justice.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Chauncey's team rider, Colin Herlihy, last Thursday in Delaware. Riding his Channel Islands Black Beauty and LOVING it! Photo, John Ryan

Friday, December 3, 2010

Tim Bessell Gun!

Tim Bessell is an artist, and a board shaper. When these two talents collide perfection is created. This is a 9'+ gun that was shaped for a hell raising waterman, Randy Evan AKA Fluid Floyd the Aquanoid!

Friday, November 5, 2010

R.I.P. Andy Irons

For all those interested: there will be a memorial paddleout for Andy Irons Saturday November 6, 2010 at 1 p.m. at the Ocean City Inlet.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


SUNFEST SPECIAL!!! TWINFIN, FISH, QUAD BLOWOUT! Save HUNDREDS this Sunfest weekend on fishes and quads from Channel Islands, Kookbox (Joel Tudor), Strive and Christenson. 5'10" Strive - $399! 6'2" CI Retro Fish - $649! 6'0" Christenson Cafe Racer - $599! 5'8" Almond Retro - $649! 6'0" Kookbox - $400 off! Through Sunday September 26 - DON'T MISS OUT!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dick Brewer Semi-Gun! North Shore Special!

8'2", This thing is a machine, Pipe, 54th street, you name it this thing will roll with the punches!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Used Board of the Week!

Chris Christenson Quad Cafe Racer! This board is absolutely beautiful and is looking for a great new home. This board will fly of the take and will rip your wetsuit off. Check it out!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hello My Name is EARL!

Hey Guys watch out Earl is on its way.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Saturday July 24, 2010 Channel Islands will be demo-ing the latest models of boards! The demo will go on from 9 a.m. til 1 p.m. at 27th St. (south surfing beach). Release and liability forms (which are required) can be picked up at either Chauncey's Surf Shop location - 29th St. or 54th St. You must also bring an ID and all minors must have written permission from a guardian.

And after you try out some boards, be sure to pick up a coupon, good for $50 off the purchase price of any brand new Channel Islands Surfboard from either Chauncey's Surf Shop location. The price includes fins, leash and wax, as well, so there are no hidden extra costs!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Check out this Interview with CC....This is From ESPN surfing Blog!

Behind the Gun

Talking big-wave boards with master craftsman Chris Christenson.

Taylor By Kimball Taylor
ESPN Action Sports

Grant EllisA man and his office.

In 2001, Mike Parsons, Brad Gerlach, Ken Collins, Peter Mel, Evan Slater and John Walla made their first expedition to Cortes Bank. On that maiden voyage, most of the crew towed into waves estimated at more than 50 feet. And Parsons would end up clinching an XXL award with a 66-footer. Notably, only Evan Slater and John Walla attempted to paddle-surf Cortes, and by the looks of things at the time, it may have been the last gasp for arm-powered, big-wave surfing.

Only two years had passed since Taylor Knox earned international renown (and K2's $50,000) for paddling into a wave at Todos Santos. In the short period between, however, tow-in surfing came to absolutely dominate the big-wave arena. New spots were discovered -- Ghost Tree, Jaws, outer reefs, etc. -- and nearly all of them belonged to the realm of the jet-ski. By the time Evan Slater and Walla paddle-surfed Cortes, they were pegged as purists. And when the tow-surfers carried the day at Cortes, the fate of paddle-in surfing appeared to be one of diminishing returns.

A decade later, in both awards and reality, paddle surfing returned to prominence on the back of an El Nino winter to rival those of the '90s. Even more significant, those paddle sessions were built on heavier and more critical rides than those towed into at the turn of the century. What had caused such a dramatic reversal? In an ironic twist, all of those tow sessions made the big-wave community into much, much better paddle surfers. By allowing surfers to become quickly familiar with the world's big-wave spots -- where to sit, which waves to take, and how deep -- towing-in caused a select few surfers to realize that they didn't need the ski.

A young San Diego shaper named Chris Christenson built the board Walla took to Cortes, and through that connection, he would begin making boards for Gerlach, Parsons, Greg Long, Grant Baker and Mark Healey, to name a few. His boards have garnered wins at the Eddie, Mavericks and Todos Santos, as well as three XXL awards. Christenson's successes have come hand-in-hand with the shared successes of a passionate, grassroots group of young surfers who many claim, are the best big-wave surfers ever. ESPN caught up with Christenson to understand how that rise came about and what's next for big-wave paddle boards.

Todd GlaserGreg Long, putting a Christenson design to the test at Puerto during the summer of '09.

How did you come to building big-wave guns?
I've always been into building everything, from your standard WQS shortboard to longboards. I went to school at Point Loma Nazarene University with Jon Wegener and a group of Palos Verdes guys. They really turned me on to the kinds of boards Tom Wegener was riding. Joel Tudor claims Tom as his hero, the guy who started that movement in longboarding. And I think that if I didn't get into building longboards, I wouldn't be where I'm at today. They got me into the fish and what Skip Frye was doing. It really helped me understand foam in whatever length and proportion it came in. I also met Dick Brewer in the early days. Being around him and learning the basics of guns from the gun master really pushed me in that direction. The breakthrough came when Brad Gerlach called me out of the blue one day. He said that John Walla was one of his favorite surfers, and he wanted me to make him the kinds of boards I was building for Johnny. I really owe it to Walla. He opened the door. Now I have Greg Long, arguably one of the best big-wave riders of all time, as a full team member.

In the past ten years, tow-in surfing seemed to dominate the big wave scene. You were building paddle boards through that period, how did the resurgence of paddle-in surfing happen?
In the mid-2000s, that whole group of guys -- Greg and Rusty Long, Mark Healy, Grant "Twiggy" Baker -- they were as passionate about paddling as they are today. The difference is, they didn't have the resources to chase swells around the world. Greg mainly focused on Todos Santos, and would drive his van up to Mavericks. I think when they got into the tow-in stuff, it obviously gave them experience in bigger and bigger waves. The paddle-in boards were getting better, whether it was me shaping them or others, at the same time. But I think the tow-in experience gave them real ability. Now it seems they're trying to out-surf the guys who are towing in.

How have big-wave guns changed in that period?
Definitely a change in the bottom curve, less nose and tail rocker, fuller rails -- pretty much everything for more paddling ability. Getting into the wave is one aspect, but another important factor is what the board does at the bottom of the wave because that sets up the whole ride. If a board has too much rocker, it's going to stall out, and they need the board to run. These guys are not going straight to the lip after the bottom turn, they're setting the rail, and then they want the board to go. Guns are shorter now too, because the surfers are a lot stronger, as well as more wave savvy. They don't need the length that big-wave surfers needed in the past. They know how to sit in the right spot and take off later. Greg rarely rides a board that's ten-foot, most of his guns are 9'6" to 9'8". Twiggy won the XXL this year on a 9'0".

Grant EllisField research at Cardiff Reef.

A big wave gun is a critical piece of equipment, how does the shaper/surfer relationship work?
Greg surfs big waves so often, I've been able to make him a lot of boards and I keep a journal of everything I shape for him. He's also very intimate with his equipment -- he's as dialed with his guns as a 'CT surfer is with their 6'1" -- and because big waves don't happen that often, that quality is rare. But when something is working good, I stick with it. I don't do anything extreme. I listen to the surfers and make slow changes, because drastic changes can risk their lives. From one board to the next, there's got to be a consistency. Greg usually makes the trip down and spends an hour in the shop and gets lunch. It's always a face-to-face meeting. He brings older boards and we discuss what's working and what's not. For the guys who aren't able to come to the shop, some of them will have tried Greg's boards and they'll tell me that they want this or that modified. Whenever I do a gun over nine feet, it does not leave my shop with out me going over every square inch of it.

Many believe this is the a golden era for big wave surfing.
Back in the '50s all of the big-wave surfers were hanging on the North Shore and just sticking their fingers into the wind, wondering when the next big swell will hit. Today's big-wave surfers can have an entire month planned out. But they're agile too. It's crazy how much their decisions change in the last three days before a swell hits. But this crew has been on it for a long time now. I don't think anyone has spent more time down at Todos Santos than Mike Parsons has. He's really taken the younger guys under his wing. I went down to Todos with him for the contest this year, and we were chatting on the boat. He's just so pumped on the new crew of big-wave surfers. They're humble guys and each one of them is a completely different personality. Out of the water, Greg and Twiggy couldn't be more different, which I think is good. The afternoon before the Eddie, Waimea really started pumping. That's when Healey got that massive wave he shared with Shane Dorian. I was standing on the beach with Twiggy and Greg. Twiggy was frothing and telling Greg that this was their "XXL moment. Let's go, let's go." Greg told Twiggy there were more important things, like the Eddie the next day. They made the decision not to paddle out and risk injury or boards, and the next day Greg won the Eddie.

I think the core of their success is that none of these guys is trying to out-do anyone else, they're all challenging themselves. They're all just trying to get the biggest waves of their lives. They're not trying to do it for the camera, and they're obviously not doing it for the money, these guys don't make that much money for the risks they're taking. When Healey won the Todos Santos event, where there was no prize money, he was as jazzed as if he'd won the Eddie. The group as a whole -- each guys is competing with himself, and there's a really great camaraderie among them

Monday, June 21, 2010


The rage has hit Ocean City! Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) has finally arrived. While it has been around for a while, it's now just staring to be on the rise around town. We have some of the best models in stock, boards from renowned shapers and riders. Lairds, Donald Takyama, Ron House, and Oxbow. We also have 2 boards here at the shop as rentals. Our boards are put together in packages, this includes a pad, paddle, and board. As for paddles we have over 6 different types in stock that range from $99.95 to $349.95!!

Stop in and check these things out!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mark Your Calendars!!

Saturday July 24, 2010 Channel Islands will be demo-ing the latest models of boards! The demo will go on from 9 a.m. til 1 p.m., location TBA. Keep checking back for more info! Release and liability forms can be picked up at either Chauncey's Surf Shop location - 29th St. or 54th St.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We got over 40 new boards in. Al merrick dumpster divers, gravies, whips and so on. All of the new small wave goodies from super, and some stellar pieces from christenson. Stop in and check these boards out!

Friday, June 4, 2010

The fellas from Grain Surfboards, up in Maine stopped by today. Really cool guys with really awesome boards. Custom boards available and kits, too! For more info check out their website at

Monday, May 24, 2010


PEOPLE!!! We have the best selection of long board wheels and long board skates in town. We just got in ORANGATANG wheels!! Stop in and check out our great selection!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Boards, All sorts of Boards!

Longboards, shortboards, fishes, quads, twins, singles, eggs, fun shapes, big guy tris, noseriders, high performance, old school, wood, epoxy, polyester, carbon fiber, hollow, eps, xtr, double stringers, bonzers, hybrids, displacement hulls, used, new, stand up, modern, round tails, pin tails, diamond tails, bat tails, dove tails, baby swallows, swallows.

This is just a taste, come by for the full flavor.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Final!

These the final pictures of the board. Actually saw Joey out on this board the other day! He was stoked!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Part Deux!

Shaping down the foam to match the rocker and rail. This is was a tough project since both sides of the board were messed up. Usually you would take the template from one and just flip it, however since both rails were messed up in the same place it was all done by eye. The second pic is the board getting ready to be glassed!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Malcom Campbell Bonzer, Destroyed! Part One

This Malcom Campbell Bonzer was brought to us for repair, it had been mistreated by an airline. The left and right rails just short of the nose were completely destroyed. It took about five days of labor, and plenty of miscues along the way, but it turned out perfectly. Blair is the master repairman. This is the picture story of how it went.
Step one: Clean out and clear out all old foam and fiberglass, attempt to make straight angles and lines.

Step two: Cut pieces of foam out of old Walden, took many tries to get the angles just right!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Echo Beach

This time period in the early 80's set the tone for every sort of way we surf today. Check this movie out if you have a chance!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just In Case...

Just in case you didn't know, Chillwave is's all about Folktronica.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Super Branded!

Hey guys! We just in a new batch of Supers! Swing by and check these small wave killers out. We have them from 5'6" to 6' and are expecting some new ones any day! The two models we have in are the Nova and the 300s, all have awesome graphics! CHECK THEM OUT!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Union Express!!

Just wanted to give a brief review of this movie!!! It just came out on Thursday and it stars Tim Curran, Tom Curren, Dane Reynolds, Rob Machado, Damien Hobgood, Conner Coffin, Nate Tyler, Keith Malloy, Taylor Knox, and other California shredders. Dane part in this movie rules, he murders it on a Dumpster Diver in and around the Ventura area. Tim Curran Travels from Santa Barbara down the coast by train and stops along the way. Every surfer in this movie is great. Stop in and pick up your copy!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hey guys,
Just got in our line up of 3/2's, quiksilvers, ripcurls, and so on. Stop in, and check these suits out. They are getting better better, yet cheaper and cheaper!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Longboard Skateboards

Hey guys,
Just wanted to let you guys in on a little secret, we have the best longboard skates in town!!! We carry Dregs, Sector Nine, Koastal, Never Summer, G&S, Riviera, Laybacks, GoldCoast, Gravity, we even have the re-issued Powell and Peralta Decks!! Stop in and find yourself a board to cruise cool on!! Prices start at $79.95 so get in here and start riding!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Hey guys we just got in the Brand New Al Merrick Dumpster Divers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have 5'7", 5'10" and a 6' in. They are the most popular and hyped boards to ever come out of the factory. Come check these guys out, put one under your arm and you will soon find out the reason for the hype! Here are a couple pics of the 6' and the 5'10".

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Erie Peeples

Hey guys we just got in some new great shapes from Erie peoples out of NSB Florida. These boards are excellent shapes and will provide the most absolute wave catching abilities. Check them out!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Sara Wroten your phone booth is empty....and so are our hearts! Chauncey Girl For Life?? We should be so lucky. We miss you!!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Flat Twins

You know this board is going to be fun. Takayama Design.

Monday, March 1, 2010

What a Fox!

These Foxes have built their den right outside of Blair's Condo. Hopefully they will be able to find a new home once summer has started. But for now they have made a comfy living on the beach!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Until March First!!!

Stop on in for the best deals we have ever had! Most clothing items are 50% off!! This is the last weekend for these awesome deals! Our board selection has never been better!! Also check out our website where you can now shop online for gear. Enter promo code "chaunceys" at the check for a 10% discount! Hope everyone is gearing up for spring and getting wet with all of the recent swell we have been getting.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Our new storefront is up and running! Check out our website - - for the link to shop online! Order all your surfing and bodyboarding accessories directly online!!